Booster Club Members:

There are several ways in order to volunteer with the booster club throughout the year.

First and foremost, if your a parent of a current athlete then we encourage you to take every opportunity available to lend a head to our coaching staffs, however way possible that they need.

Secondly, throughout each athletic school year from football season to the last playoff games for softball and baseball there is always an opportunity to be apart of the great success of each sport. Whether it is cooking meals to working on projects at the different athletic facilities.

Thirdly, attendance at each sporting event is of utmost importance. Our student athletes and coaching staffs appreciate your dedication and support not just monetarily but attendance as well.

As we all are aware that Excellence requires resources, from ticket sales to a sponsorship.  Your generosity is critical amid a global economic crisis and potentially devastating budget year. The commitment to our student athletes remains intact because of your continued and dedicated support. All donations will receive documentation for tax deduction purposes.

As a Booster Club member you are invited to all Booster Club meetings.  Meetings are held on every second Tuesday during the months of August through May at 6:30pm at LaSalle Country Club.